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Impelling offers fast, friendly and robust IT support in Birmingham and its environs. Our managed IT support service features everything you need to maximise productivity and minimise downtime, from installations and office moves to backups and disaster recovery.
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Expert IT support in Birmingham

In an increasingly digital world, it’s important to make sure your systems are constantly monitored and maintained to ensure they run smoothly. A network outage or system failure can cause significant downtime within your organisation, diminishing productivity and resulting in unhappy customers and employees. 

In addition, a cyber security incident or data loss episode could carry disastrous consequences to your organisation, damaging your reputation and resulting in high legal costs. 

Enter Impelling! We’re an expert IT support provider offering full scale IT services within the Birmingham region. By gaining a thorough understanding of your organisation, as well as the nature of your systems, we’ll ensure that IT serves as a powerful and cost efficient asset to your organisation, rather than an expensive and time consuming burden.  

Expert IT support in Birmingham

Full scale IT services

With Impelling, you have access to a broad range of IT support specialists with decades of combined experience at a price that’s more competitive than building an in house team.

Our bespoke model ensures your level of IT support is tailored to the exact needs of your organisation, allowing you to efficiently manage your overhead. 

Our managed IT services cover the full breadth of IT, including:

Many IT support requests can be solved by our team remotely, using our industry leading service desk to track and monitor support tickets. For those occasions where a support request can’t be solved remotely, including hardware issues or installations, we’ll dispatch one of our on site support technicians to your premises as soon as possible. 

Why choose Impelling for your Birmingham IT services?

Industry expertise

If you’re hiring an in house IT support specialist, but don’t come from an IT support background, it can be difficult to know what to look for in a candidate. Similarly, it can be difficult to structure and manage an IT support team without prior industry experience.

Our talented team is extremely well versed in all aspects of IT, having worked with a large number of organisations across a wide range of sectors over the last decade. With specialists in all facets of IT support, there’s always someone available to assist with any IT related problem you might come up against. 

Fixed costs

Running a full scale in house IT support team can bring significant overhead. Similarly, unexpected problems, such as a network outage, might require external on site support, which can result in an unexpected bill.

Our services are all encompassing and offered on a fixed monthly retainer, ensuring you won’t receive any unexpected bills at the end of the month.

Increased productivity

IT systems should serve as an asset to your organisation, rather than a distraction and a burden.

With Impelling, you can rest assured that your IT systems are smooth running and in safe hands, allowing you to keep the focus on what you do best; running and growing your organisation.

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