Threat detection, monitoring, and prevention

With cybercrime on the rise, organisations are struggling to keep threats at bay. Increasingly complex and sophisticated attacks make identifying and protecting company resources a huge challenge. Our proven tools and strategy bring industry leading protection and defences.

Why is threat detection important?

Every day cyber criminals scour the internet looking for weak points and ways they can attack corporate systems. Organisations can also be targeted and placed under the microscope where teams of attackers test defences to the limit. Their goal? To either steal or hold to ransom important company data, often with devastating consequences.

Awareness and oversight of threats as they occur is critical to preventing them manifesting into compromised systems. Much like how a security guard can spot suspicious activity outside a building, monitoring and detection can spot threats to your organisation early, and proactively prevent them escalating further.

Impelling IT solutions mitigating cyber threats

How threat detection works

24/7 monitoring

Industry leading tools and software

A team of security experts on hand to rapidly action threats

Analysis of inbound and outbound internet traffic

Endpoint detection and response

Network level and device level monitoring

If you'd like to talk to us about how our threat detection services can keep your business secure, feel free to leave your details and a member of our team will give you a call back at a time that suits you.
An Impelling employee helping customers with cyber security

Why choose Impelling?

Our managed IT service is designed to help businesses be productive, and compete with all of the digital challenges any business faces. We know that most businesses can’t afford to risk extended periods without access to files, and through our 10+ years' experience supporting business customers, we understand the scale and severity of the threats posed by cyber criminals.

That’s why we’ve built threat detection, monitoring, and response into the very core of our managed IT service. We’ve spent years sourcing, testing, and building processes around tools and software so we can not only provide the industry leading tools, but we can deploy them effectively into a service that translates into industry leading protection.

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