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Our Virtual Chief Information Officer service gives your business strategic insight into the IT industry without the need for a full time CIO. Using our experience, industry knowledge, and business background, we'll help you formulate an IT strategy that carries your business forward.
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Find out how our managed IT service can help improve your business.

Bolster your strategy with IT expertise and experience

As your IT partner, ultimately everything we do is about helping your business achieve success, and the ways that we can help go far beyond fixing problems with computers. With a collective wealth of knowledge within our team, oversight of the IT industry as a whole, and many years' experience running our own business, we are ideally positioned to provide strategic input towards a long term IT strategy.

This input comes in the form of our Virtual CIO offering that's included as part of our Managed IT service. Through regular meetings between your board/executives and senior members of our IT team, we’ll help you forge a long term IT strategy for your IT, identify weak areas or points of pain, and most importantly determine how to leverage IT to help you achieve success.

Bolster your strategy with IT expertise and experience

The benefits of a VCIO

  • Access to insight and experience gained by managing IT for a variety of different companies.

  • Industry insight, knowledge, and connections.

  • Access to the knowledge of an entire team with varied skill sets and specialisms.

  • Included as part of the standard fee for our managed IT service.

  • Helps maximise return on IT investment.

  • Helps identify areas for improvement within your business.

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How VCIO works

Through an initial set of meetings we’ll establish which representatives from both your company and Impelling are best placed to meet regularly. As part of these meetings we’ll look to forge a strategy that does two things. First, we’ll figure out if you’re making best use of your existing IT investment, aiming to fix any weak point, and maximise adoption and efficient use of the technology. Second, we’ll look at the challenges your business is facing, and explore how IT could solve them. 

With the goals established, over time the VICO meeting focus shifts towards practically achieving those goals, and at this point it may make more sense for the meeting representatives on both sides to be individuals with more of a project management focus. Further down the line, as goals are ticked off, and as the needs of your business change, so will the focus of the meetings, but the overarching core objective will remain - to help drive your business forwards through the use of technology.

How VCIO works

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