IT installations and office moves

Be it your first IT installation for a new business or a much-needed office relocation, moving into a new office can be incredibly disruptive to your workflow. With IT systems serving as the backbone of your business’s workflow & communication, it’s vital to ensure a smooth transition.

IT relocation done right

For most businesses, shutting down for a few weeks while you move and set up equipment at the new place isn't an option. It's therefore imperative to plan and ensure all your digital equipment will work so that any transition can happen instantaneously.

Our team of IT relocation experts can take care of the whole digital side of the process, ensuring data cabling is ready and tested, equipment is purchased and provisioned, and that networks are set up and ready to work, before you move in. 

A person typing at a desktop computer with two laptops at the side
Grey corded device on a rack

Why Impelling?

With dozens of IT installations under our belts, Impelling is there every step of the way during an office relocation to ensure minimal disruption to your workflow. 

We’ve encountered nearly every type of problem a business might encounter during an office relocation and built solutions to ensure a seamless transition. Get in touch today to learn more about our IT installations & office moves services.  

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