IT support from the Impelling Service Desk

Through our service desk and on site IT support services, our team of talented IT support professionals help businesses across South Yorkshire maximise their productivity and mitigate the impact of IT problems.

Your IT helpdesk

Key to our approach is making IT easy to use for the people who depend on it day to day. That philosophy encompasses everything from the way staff sign into their computers, to interacting with the IT service itself. 

The Impelling Service Desk is the bridge between your staff and our technical teams. Whatever it is you need from us, whether that’s a phone call about a computer problem, or a laptop for a new starter, the service desk has you covered. 

Every job we do for your business is logged, tracked, and updated with progress in the form of a service desk ticket. This is particularly helpful for bigger jobs that get more complex where it helps to have a central store of information relating to the job, but it’s also a way us (and you!) to keep tabs on how much work we’re doing, and how efficiently we’re doing it.

Staff providing IT support

The benefits of using the Impelling Service Desk

Customer portal to log and track issues and requests

Transparency and insight over SLAs

Reporting and metrics over the work we do

Improved efficiency through automation and process driven handling of requests

Empowerment and productivity boosts for staff who are able to raise requests themselves

Transparent communication and conversation history

Whole business insight into the IT challenges your staff face

If you'd like to know more about how our service desk team could support your own team, feel free to leave your details and we'll call you back at a time that suits you.
IT solutions provided by our expert team

Service level agreements (SLAs)

Our goal is to build a partnership with organisations and use our IT skills to help drive success. Fundamental to any partnership is clear definition over the scope and type of work that our business does for your business. This very thing is defined in contract in the form of service level agreements, or SLAs.

Before we enter into business together we’ll agree on a number of measurable indicators that will remain visible to both parties throughout the length of the agreement. Things like how long it takes to resolve IT issues, and how quickly we respond when a ticket is raised.

With this sort of predefined accountability built into the agreement you can be sure our team are working just as hard as your own team to help deliver your goals and achieve success, and you can be sure you’re getting return on the investment you make in your IT.

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