Preventative IT support and maintenance

By monitoring and keeping a close eye on your technology we're able to identify problems before they happen, and take action to minimise the disruption to your organisation.

Why preventative maintenance and not break/fix support?

Break/fix IT support is the traditional IT support model, where something breaks, the customer rings the IT company, and they respond by fixing it. This model used to be the industry standard; however, we don't believe it is sustainable any more.

As we increase our dependence on IT and technology, instead of getting simpler, both software and hardware maintenance are becoming more complex. Navigating a path through the myriad of technology choices, compatible systems, and user requirements is now almost a full-time job, and that's before you invest the time to ensure that everything runs smoothly, and dealing with day to day break/fix queries and problems.

Outsourcing this burden and investing in Impelling's preventative IT Support service allows us to closely monitor your systems, detect potential problems, and action them before they become an issue. 

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A technician working on a computer

Preventative IT support advantages

Less downtime as devices can be replaced before they fail

Standardised, up to date equipment is more predictable, and less likely to break

System monitoring can provide insight into underperforming systems

Less time spent choosing and sourcing equipment

More manageable costs, and no surprise bills relating to failed hardware

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