Service desk and on site IT support

Through our service desk and on site IT support services, our team of talented IT support professionals help businesses across South Yorkshire maximise their productivity and mitigate the impact of IT problems.

Your in house IT department

Outsourced IT support services like those offered by Impelling are designed to function like your very own in-house IT department. Our remote technical support team are available to provide efficient support whenever an issue arises. Leveraging state of the art tools and remote access technology, most day to day IT problems can be solved quickly without the need to send a specialist to site. For the occasions where that specialist is needed though, we have friendly local IT experts available to deliver on site IT support in Sheffield and across South Yorkshire.

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IT service desk support services

Under a Managed IT Support contract, our helpdesk support service is available to all users within your organisation. Our team of industry experts are just a phone call or an email away, and they’re there to keep your organisation running smoothly, by helping your staff with any kind of IT issue.

All support requests are logged in our industry leading ticketing system. This system allows us to optimise our support by triaging and prioritising requests. We can keep your organisation running best by seeing to critical business interruptions, or management level issues above routine day to day inconveniences.

The benefits of a service desk ticketing system

Reduced backlog

A ticketing system ensures the proper prioritisation and management of support requests, allowing our IT helpdesk specialists to work through tickets quickly and efficiently.

Improved ticket resolution

A ticketing system automates much of the routine administration work associated with support requests, allowing our support specialists to maximise their time spent on resolving each ticket. This also eliminates the possibility of human error from the administrative process.

Increased productivity

Computer problems can severely hinder the productivity of your employees, leading to lost revenue and diminished workplace morale. A ticketing system offers fast-paced ticket resolution alongside excellent customer service, mitigating any disruptions in productivity.

Improved customer satisfaction

With increased productivity comes increased customer satisfaction. By mitigating the impact of IT faults through an expert-led IT helpdesk system, you maximise your chances of providing an efficient and enjoyable customer experience. This is especially relevant if you use customer-facing IT infrastructure within your business, such as a customer portal or a SaaS product.

On site support services

Occasionally, an IT problem can’t be resolved from a remote location. For issues that require hands-on attention, or for installation or renovation projects, we have a team of skilled engineers who can travel to your workplace and provide on site support.

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The benefits of on site support

Ability to solve hardware issues

Without the presence of a skilled engineer, it can be near-impossible to resolve a hardware malfunction within your IT system. Our engineers are well-equipped to solve any and every hardware issue your infrastructure encounters.

Streamlined communication

When it comes to hardware support, there’s a greater need for demonstration and visual communication, which is best achieved in-person. Our friendly engineers will be more than happy to talk you through the process and demonstrate proper use of the system whilst fixing your hardware.

Why Impelling?

Here at Impelling, our core focus lies in streamlining and maximising the productivity of local businesses. Since our formation in 2012, we’ve provided helpdesk and on site IT support services to a large number of institutions across South Yorkshire. We’ve encountered almost every type of IT related problem that a business might face and tailored our managed IT service to help combat them.

Impelling operates in the business and education sectors, providing services across Sheffield, Rotherham and the wider South Yorkshire area. Get in touch today to learn how we can streamline your internal IT processes.

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