About Impelling

Impelling Solutions is a leading digital agency based in South Yorkshire. Founded in 2012 by Managing Director Chris Foulstone the company has established a secure footing in a competitive industry by building a reputation for providing high quality IT support, websites, and software that offers great return on investment. Impelling operates mainly in Rotherham and Sheffield, but provides services across the whole of South Yorkshire.

With a team made up of bright, talented individuals, Impelling trades in both the business and education sectors, offering a number of IT Support and Web Design services. 

What makes us different

At Impelling our core background lies in systems engineering and business automation. We've encountered and built solutions for nearly every type of problem a business might commonly face, and completed a myriad of projects around specialised, client specific problems. Our teams' ability to understand the most complex of issues and advise on solutions that match budget, time and other constraints is unrivalled.

We've also been successful in overcoming a few unique problems of our own. In 2015 we set up sister company Bliss Internet to provide residential internet to our local village, who at the time were right in the middle of an internet black hole. In 2017 we launched Studysafe, a filtering solution for schools, blocking out all inappropriate material for children browsing the internet. Both projects are a testament to the in house talent and drive sitting at the core of our company. Our experience setting up, deploying and managing the digital infrastructure involved in both of these projects leaves us uniquely positioned to lend our experience to other projects of all shapes and sizes.