Broadband and connectivity

With more services moving online, dependable internet connections are more important than ever. Through our fast and reliable business broadband, we’re helping businesses in Sheffield and surrounding areas to increase productivity & streamline communication with our comprehensive business internet solutions.

Reliable business broadband in Sheffield, Rotherham and South Yorkshire

A weak or slow internet connection doesn’t just reduce productivity; it reduces the quality of service you’re able to provide to your customers and/or clients. Frankly, it’s also just downright frustrating.

At Impelling, we have a wealth of experience in delivering fast broadband installation to companies of all sizes across South Yorkshire. From single buildings to larger companies operating across multiple locations, we’ll take the time to understand exactly what you need from your internet connection, and then deliver it in the form of a high speed broadband solution.

A Bliss Internet wireless internet device on a mast overlooking a village

Technical know how, achieved through first hand experience

Difficult situations are where we excel. Networking multiple buildings split over large areas, connecting places with no leased line options and infrastructure that roams between geographical locations are just a few of the types of challenges we've overcome. 

We’ve even delivered business connectivity solutions for a global tourist attraction in the form of London’s Tower Bridge.

In 2016 we started our own internet company - Bliss Internet. Through this business we have access to the expertise, knowledge, tools, suppliers, and equipment to provide connectivity to any business, no matter what their requirements are, or how remote they are.

To paraphrase, we don’t just understand the needs of your business and the challenges of addressing them; when it comes to the logistics and infrastructure side of broadband installation, our experience is unparalleled. 

Blue and grey cables plugged into a server unit

Trusted partnerships

Through our many years’ experience and credible reputation, we’ve forged partnerships with suppliers of technology at the forefront of wireless connectivity. These partnerships allow us to push the limits in terms of what's possible with internet connectivity and mean you receive an exceptional service, delivered by experts from across the industry.

Cloud connectivity

While there are many advantages involved with moving your data to the cloud, they can't be leveraged without a fast enough internet connection to support them. At Impelling, we’re experienced in delivering all aspects of business connectivity including Cloud 365 solutions.

If you are located in an area where connectivity options are limited, or if you just want a reliable connection to support your business, Impelling are better placed than many to provide connectivity solutions.

Get in touch today and find out how our bespoke business broadband can work for you.

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