Cyber security training and support

With cyber attacks targeted towards individuals being a fixture in the modern workplace, it’s essential that your staff are well informed and have the skills, tools, and knowledge to know how to stay secure in the face of a cyber threat. We’ve worked with companies of all sizes to help train, educate, and coach staff into forming a vigilant and well regimented line of defence against cyber attacks.

Helping your staff stay secure

Not all cyber attacks leverage weaknesses in systems and technology, often people are tricked or exploited into giving up important information that can lead to data or monetary loss for businesses. It’s therefore essential that part of a cyber defence strategy involves arming those people with the tools they need to prevent, identify, and stop cyber attacks happening. 

Our cyber security training starts with industry accepted best security practices. We’ll help you roll these out throughout an organisation, ensuring staff buy in and understand why certain measures are in place. After that we increase awareness, training staff how to spot common attacks, and help them understand how they might be tricked into accidentally giving up important information. Finally, we ensure that people know what to do if they encounter something like a phishing attack, a suspicious email, or if a data breach takes place. In combination with a wider cyber security strategy, these protections offer a very high level of defence, stopping many attacks in their tracks before they can do any damage.

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