Managed IT Support

Our managed IT service gives businesses all the tools they need to succeed in an increasingly digital workplace. We take care of the technical work, cut through the complexity, and allow your business to focus on the things you do best.

The digital challenge

Despite technology becoming more capable, it's harder than ever to maintain stable and performant IT systems. The world is throwing new challenges our way in the form of remote working and increasingly sophisticated cyber security attacks. Users expect more from their IT, requiring services to be available 24hrs and accessible from anywhere. Operationally, there are challenges involved with maintaining different systems on-site and across multiple cloud providers.

Faced with these challenges, businesses are struggling to cope, and often have to divert resources away from key projects, just to maintain stability.

Our managed IT service is designed to remove this burden, giving your team room to focus on delivering growth. Our proven technology, proven processes, and proven team, allows us to deliver real stability and security, allowing your organisation to focus on what it does best.

What's included?

Helpdesk Support

On-site Support

Server Management

Desktop Management

Mobile Device Management

Managed Backups & Disaster Protection

Anti Vrius & Cyber Security Management

Infrastructure Management

System Monitoring

Microsoft 365 Management

Application Support

Patch Management

Centralised Email Signatures

Managed Firewall

Virtual CIO Service

Domain & DNS Management

The benefits managed IT brings

Up to date technology that's proven to work

Preventative monitoring and pre-emptive action

Smart cyber security defences and robust disaster recovery

Fluid user on-boarding and off-boarding with managed licensing

Helpdesk or on-site support when you need it

A simple inclusive monthly fee