Broadband & Connectivity

With more services moving to the cloud, business connectivity is becoming increasingly important. What's the use having your emails, CRM portal and file share in the cloud if the whole thing grinds to a halt when more than one person tries to access something?

Our connectivity expertise is rooted in experience, both in dealing with the type of problem outlined above in a business context, but also because we've been on the other side of things, supplying internet to the residents of our local village (Bliss Internet).

Through setting up our own ISP we've gained the in-house expertise in every part of the connectivity chain, designing and building a resilient network that supports hundreds of customers day to day.

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Pushing the limits

Our partnerships with suppliers of technology at the forefront of wireless connectivity allow us to push the limits in terms of what's possible with internet connectivity.

Difficult situations are where we excel. Networking multiple buildings split over large areas, connecting places with no leased line options and infrastructure that roams between geographical locations are just a few of the types of challenges we've overcome.