Broadband & Connectivity

With more services moving online, fast, reliable, and dependable internet connections are more important than ever.

Your pipeline to the cloud

While there are many advantages involved with moving your data to the cloud, they can't be leveraged without a fast enough internet connection to support them. If you are located in an area where connectivity options are limited, or if you just want a reliable connection to support your business, Impelling are better placed than many to provide connectivity solutions.

In 2016 we started our own internet company - Bliss Internet. Through this business we have access to the expertise, knowledge, tools, suppliers, and equipment to provide connectivity to any business no matter what their requirements are, or how remote they are.

Pushing the limits

Our partnerships with suppliers of technology at the forefront of wireless connectivity allow us to push the limits in terms of what's possible with internet connectivity.

Difficult situations are where we excel. Networking multiple buildings split over large areas, connecting places with no leased line options and infrastructure that roams between geographical locations are just a few of the types of challenges we've overcome.