Case study - Supporting a customer with their software development environment

The challenge

Our client faced a unique challenge due to the nature of their work. With an in-house software development function, they needed to operate securely and utilise managed devices, but it was crucial that these requirements did not hinder the developers’ ability to do their jobs effectively. Striking a balance between stringent security measures and a flexible development environment required a meticulous approach.

How Impelling helped

Understanding the delicate balance needed, we developed a custom solution that integrated seamlessly with our device management platform. This solution allowed us to configure and deploy local development environments specifically for the developers, ensuring they had access to all the familiar tools and resources they were accustomed to using.

We worked closely with the client to design and implement this tailored environment. Our solution included the configuration of development tools, libraries, and software, mirroring their existing setup to ensure a smooth transition. Security was paramount, so we incorporated robust security protocols without compromising the developers’ workflow.

On launch day, the transition to new computers was seamless. Developers were able to continue their work without interruption, as though nothing had changed. This smooth switch was made possible by our careful planning and precise execution.

The benefits of our managed devices were clear. Enhanced security protocols protected sensitive data and intellectual property. Automated updates and patches ensured that all systems remained secure and up-to-date, reducing the risk of vulnerabilities. Device management also allowed for quick troubleshooting and support, minimising downtime and ensuring the developers could focus on their work.

By implementing this custom solution, we provided the client with a secure, managed environment that met their unique needs without disrupting their software development activities. The result was a robust, secure, and efficient setup that supported the client’s goals and operational requirements.

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