Case study - Rolling out MFA at an engineering company

The challenge

Our client faced major inefficiencies with an outdated ordering process that heavily relied on paper forms. These forms were either sent out to customers to complete and send back, or transcribed manually during phone calls. While this method did have some merits and was the way some customers preferred to do business, as a primary source for orders it was becoming outdated, slow, and prone to errors, leading to delays and frustration for both customers and the fulfilment team. It became clear that a more streamlined digital solution was needed to overcome these obstacles and improve the process for staff and customers alike.

How Impelling helped

After considering a number of alternatives, we settled on Microsoft Forms to modernise the client's ordering process. We created an easy-to-use digital form that customers could access via a link in an email or on the company’s website. This new form automatically sent an email to the fulfilment staff and saved a PDF copy of the order in SharePoint for record-keeping purposes. We designed the form to be user-friendly, making it simple for customers to fill out and submit their orders online.

The impact was immediate and significant. The new digital ordering process was much faster and more efficient, eliminating the delays associated with the old paper-based method. The fulfilment staff received orders in real time, allowing them to process orders more quickly and accurately. This reduced errors and improved overall service delivery. By implementing Microsoft Forms, we transformed a slow and error-prone manual process into a streamlined digital system. This change improved efficiency and accuracy and greatly enhanced the customer experience. Our client now has a reliable and efficient ordering process that meets their business needs.

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