Why is it so hard to access technology from the building site?

Ed Hardie

26th October 2022

As the construction industry modernises, it’s becoming more and more dependent on technology, software, and digital tools. Sometimes though, even just signing in can be a complete pain in the backside, and even once you’re signed in, sending files, working on documents with others, can be immensely frustrating.

But why does it have to be this way?

At Impelling, we’re an IT and technology specialist with a number of customers who operate within the built environment, and we’re with you. We’re asking the same question – why does using technology when you’re on the go have to be so difficult?

As a company with exposure and contacts within the construction industry we’re often surprised at the number of complaints we hear from people either about the difficulties they have working from site, or about the way their technology is set up, and the hoops they have to jump through in order to securely sign in, or access data.

Digging a bit deeper, typically we find the reason that things are difficult falls into two categories.

First, is IT admins who apply heavy-handed policies without fully comprehending the impact on the users. Security is paramount, especially in an industry that’s a target for cyber criminals, so policies and safeguards are absolutely required, however there’s often a great deal of scope for how those policies are applied. Balancing risk, and the impact of the security policies is the all important key here, and with our Managed IT Service for construction companies, we believe we’ve struck the right balance, and have all the security and safeguards the industry needs, but none of the fuss and hassle you might have experienced previously.

The second reason we find that things are unnecessarily difficult, is a lack of staff training, and this is a crucial one. Sometimes things can be set up perfectly, but because nobody has shown people the best way to use the technology, they muddle through in a suboptimal way, and get very frustrated in the process.

Whenever we take on a new customer, or roll out an important security change, we make sure that the users both understand the impact, and are aware of the best practices and usage recommendations. Sometimes a little knowledge goes a long way, and we find in this scenario that is definitely true, and even a small amount of training can go a long way in eliminating frustration for those working on the go.

As you might expect, we generally keep these kind of industry secrets between ourselves and our customers, but on November, the 9th at 3pm we’re running a free webinar where we’ll be covering many more game-changing IT tips, and going into detail about how properly administered modern IT can help you get a leg up on your competition in the built environment.

Registrations are open now, sign up for free at https://impelling.co.uk/webinars/how-modern-it-can-help-you-get-ahead-built-environment

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