Using Microsoft 365 Power Automate to help a property management company

Ed Hardie

29th April 2024

We were able to save our customer thousands by creating a bespoke solution using Microsoft Power Automate, all at no extra cost to them. Read on to find out how we did it.

The problem

Our customer manages property at scale, and needs a way to collate, log, and action typical problems that occur at rental properties routinely. When a report of a problem comes in, staff need to collect photographs of the problem, make arrangements with 3rd party contractors to get it sorted, and communicate what’s happening with the tenant each step of the way.

Previously, all of this way done very much manually, with a series of spreadsheets just about keeping track of communications, times dates, and other key info. Managing all this manually however was becoming a real headache, so our customer reached out to see if we could help.

Our team of IT experts put forward a solution leveraging Microsoft Power Automate, which was gladly accepted by the customer because both the licensing cost, and the labour cost for the project were inclusive as part of their managed services contract with Impelling.

The solution

We used the powerful features that come with Microsoft Power Automate to build a case management system for our customer.

We built a form, that staff could use to submit problems at the properties. For ease, this form was linked to a QR code, so when out of site, the process of logging a problem was as simple as scanning the code, adding some key info, and photos.


Each form submission drops into a secured list, only accessible by key members of staff. From here, they can see all the details about the problem, view photos, add notes, and take actions towards getting it resolved.


Throughout the lifecycle of a property problem, all information is tracked. Staff can attach notes, summarise conversations they’ve had with contractors, and leave info for colleagues to see on each case.

When a problem is resolved, by the end our customer has a complete log of events, communications, and photos from start to finish. Their list of problems can be easily exported to Excel, so if they wish to track time or costs as part of the process, they can easily export and generate those reports.

The benefits

The system has now been in place for a number of months and is used extensively by staff. The customer is delighted, and has said the solution saves them so much time, they are no longer looking at employing an extra member of admin staff.

The customer says now, logging request is “near on zero admin time, automation takes care of everything and sends the data where it needs to go for completion.”. We couldn’t be happier with the result, and are delighted to have provided a solution for free, that could easily have ended up costing thousands in software, development, or consultancy fees.

If you want to know more about our managed IT services, and how we help our customers with projects like this, without charging them any extra, have a look at our webinar titled “Is your IT working for you” -

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