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Ed Hardie

28th October 2021

The work from home revolution was already gaining pace before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, but in March 2020, when the UK government gave its “stay at home” order, remote working quickly became the most important topic on the radar of nearly every business.

The country scrambled to become familiar with Zoom, Teams and Google Meet, and rushed to figure out how to cope with the new way of working. Many organisations ended up with a tangle of products and platforms, that through sheer brute force, were coerced into workflows and operational procedures.

With the new normal for work looking like it's here to stay, and many office workers indicating a preference towards being able to decide where they work, it’s now time to start thinking about efficiency, cost, productivity, security, and other things that may have been overlooked during the initial panic stations period at the start of lockdown one.

Our Managed IT Service makes it easy for employees in your company to work from home, in the office, or mix it up with a combination of both. Our proven set of tools and technologies not only allows work to happen without geographical constraints, but allows it to happen smoothly, and gives you peace of mind against the threat of data breaches and scams.

At Impelling we want to help the working world get back on its feet, so advice around best practices when it comes to working from home, working collaboratively is something we’re happy to give out for free. If you’d like a chat about what your business is currently doing, and how it could potentially be improved, please don’t hesitate to get in touch - we’re happy to help.

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Ed Hardie, Director

Ed's background is in software engineering, and while he still chips in with the odd bit of code for some automation here and there, these days his focus is across the business as a whole. He heads up the marketing team, oversees day to day operations, and advises our customers on their IT strategy. Read more posts by Ed Hardie

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