Backups & Disaster Recovery

Comprehensive, reliable backups that include all your important data, and protect against all forms of data loss are essential for the smooth operation of any business.

Keeping your data safe

Even if you haven't survived a cyber security incident or experienced the sinking feeling of dread that accompanies corporate data loss, you can probably imagine how severe the impact can be. 

Typically, data loss incidents fall into one of three categories: cyber attacks, hardware failure, or accidental deletion. A common misconception is that keeping documents in the cloud backs them up, but the reality is that documents in the cloud are still vulnerable to cyber attacks and accidental deletion. 

For complete protection, the backup solution included in our managed IT support service keeps a secure copy of your Sharepoint, OneDrive, emails, contacts, and calendars in a location away from Microsoft. We'll store isolated backups of your workstations and servers, meaning whatever happens there is a way to recover data and keep your business running.


Quick data recovery

All our offsite backup solutions come with options to keep a local copy of your data onsite - allowing for quick recovery, combined with the extra resilience that an offsite backup brings. Our backup servers are located in the UK, are securely encrypted and fully compliant with GDPR.