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Impelling Solutions is an MSP based in a brand new office on the Rotherham/Sheffield border. We’re ambitious, driven, love what we do and are looking for someone to join our team that feels the same way.

Our goal isn’t to build a technology empire to indulge our own geeky desires, we work in partnership with other companies to help them grow and achieve success, and in turn, grow our own business and reward our staff. The fact we get to play with cool technology is just a happy by product…

We don’t want to micro manage our staff day to day as we don’t want to stifle the people who work here, but we also understand people need structure and support. To that end, we work really hard on building scaleable and repeatable internal processes that make it easy for our staff to follow best practices and get support when they need it.

Our team consists of individuals with broad and varied skill sets and roles which means you’ll have access to incredible knowledge and experience. Alongside our carefully considered MSP offering, we’ve launched and successfully run an ISP in Rotherham, built bespoke software and host infrastructure for the likes of Mercedes.  

Your role at Impelling will be a full time Service Desk Technician. We don’t subscribe to the tiered first / second / third line ethos, rather we hire people who can work across a broad range of tasks and projects. We believe this keeps things interesting for everyone and doesn’t hold people back from their own progression.

Team culture

We have a diverse team, comprising of people from all over the globe, with a variety of different beliefs, interests, hobbies, and technology preferences! 

Our office is open for those that choose to work from there, but remote working is also accepted.

We hold regular social events outside of work, and are known for our epic Christmas parties.

We have a vibrant and well used company chat platform, with work and social channels dedicated to everything from cooking, to TV and film, to crypto mining.

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