Today we're going to talk about managed devices, and specifically how having managed devices can help your staff save time - and I'm going to keep it short and do it in just 60 seconds.


If you've got a corporate managed laptop or phone, this means the device is centrally controlled, usually by an IT department or IT company like us.

Having control over devices allows us to do a number of fancy things; like install software, manage updates in the background, or remotely wipe the data on the device if it's ever lost or stolen - and that's great for security.

We've also got the ability to set up computers and phones for staff very very quickly.

Say someone new joins your company - what we'll do - using managed device magic - is apply a configuration that looks at the department they're working in, and then pre-installs all the tools and software that person needs to get their job done. No messing around downloading software and setting up permissions, everything is ready to go from the off.

Replacement devices are simple too. Old devices are wiped and decommissioned, and the new one is there, preconfigured, allowing the user to simply pick up where they left off.

Scale that up across a whole company, and I hope you can begin to see the time saving potential there is in device management.


That's it from me, as I said at the start there's a lot more that device management can bring to the table, so if you'd like to know more, please don't hesitate to get in touch, our contact details are up on the screen, and you can find us on the internet at impelling.co.uk.

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