Claim up to £12,500 towards a digital project from Impelling

with SFSY Innovation Voucher funding

The funding available

SFSY (Superfast South Yorkshire) Innovation Vouchers are a government backed, EU initiative which makes funding available to South Yorkshire businesses in need of digital services. Qualifying businesses based in South Yorkshire are eligible for 50% funding (up to a value of £12,500) towards the cost of their next digital project.

Who is eligible for the money?

Most businesses will meet the qualification criteria. Provided your business is a small to medium enterprise and you’re based in South Yorkshire, you’re more than likely entitled to the full £12,500.

What type of projects qualify?

In short, anything digital. That means all of our services. So whether you’re looking for a new website, broadband connectivity, hardware, or a bespoke digital solution, Impelling will be able to deliver at half the usual price.

Okay, I'm interested

Cool beans. Let’s have a chat about what you need. Our team know all the ins and outs of the funding qualification criteria, we will be able to talk you through exactly how much you can look to claim against any service from us. Contact us using the form below, or give us a call on 03333 4444 59, even if you're just looking for advice we’re happy to help.

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