Introducing the Impelling portal - a central hub for your organisations IT.

The Impelling portal allows us to deliver IT support to users quickly and effectively, it's also a great tool that sits at the heart of your organisation, allowing coworkers to find and share the sort of information quickly and easily, keeping your business running smoothly. Take a look at the video below for a quick overview of what the portal can do, or read on for a bit more detail about how the portal can make things easier for you and your employees.

Getting help through the portal

The Impelling portal makes it easy for people in your organisation to get help with IT. As part of our Managed IT service we roll out portal access to all users so that accessing the portal is as simple as clicking a link on the desktop. Inside the portal, we've made it easy for people to get help with IT problems, and we've developed processes that make things like ordering new equipment or onboarding new users quick and simple. The portal also allows visibility over tickets news and old, allowing users to track and reference their tickets, and allowing approved managers insight and reports into the tickets being raised across a department or organisation.

Finding and sharing information with the portal

Another valuable aspect of the Impelling portal is the ability to find and share information throughout your organisation. The portal contains a searchable directory containing contact details for everybody in the organisation, a shared calendar visible to all employees, and an area for important announcements about IT security threats, or changes to equipment that could affect users.

The included knowledgebase contains guides and articles relevant to your organisation, and what's great is nominated people from within your organisation can add to the content. This gives you a secure and private area to share important information with people at work, and it doesn't have to be limited to just IT. If you want to share information about car parking at the office, or access codes for store cupboards for example, the knowledgebase becomes a great tool to get that information to your staff simply and effectively.

Learning new things and upskilling workers

Training workers and developing skills within an organisation are crucial to its success. The Impelling portal offers your company the ability to curate custom courses on any topic, and deliver them alongside training and assessments for your staff. Just like the knowledgebase, courses can be on any topic (IT included), you might want to train staff up on a particular piece of software, or you might want to develop a course around onboarding new staff for example.

With these powerful tools your organisation has the ability to disseminate information and share skills throughout teams, and track the progress as it happens.

Portal access and pricing

The Impelling portal is included *free of charge* for all customers on a managed service agreement. If you'd like to find out more about some of the other great benefits that managed IT from Impelling can bring to your organisation please don't hesitate to get in touch by calling 03333 4444 59 or emailing [email protected]

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