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  • Impelling welcomes VOOT IT

    We're delighted to announce that the IT division of VOOT Telecoms will be joining Impelling as part of a deal that allows us to further expand our offerings and opens up a number of new and exciting doors.

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  • Newsletter April 2016

    We hope you all had an enjoyable Easter break, aside from a couple of cases of chocolate overdose, here’s what’s been happening the past month.

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  • What do you do when your internet is slow? Maximum effort mode: create your own ISP

    We’ve all been there, sat at a computer or staring at a phone watching a wheel spin around waiting for something to load, a plight all too familiar for the modern day man or woman. For most of us these kind of problems are temporary, but what if this was happening at home on a daily basis and wasn’t a result of low signal or a dodgy webserver, but to do with your geographical location? What if there was no provider who could provide you with a speed above 2mbps? What would you do then? Many would simply give up, others would consider moving, us, we don’t like to do things by half measures, we set up our own Internet Service Provider, and here’s how we did it.

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  • New website launched

    ​We're pleased to unveil the new Impelling website, a fully speed optimised & mobile friendly website that takes a much more simplistic approach compared to our old one. Like any website we build for our clients, our new website is built around a Content Management System making it easy for us to edit pages and post updates such as this one. The site utilised a custom theme that we've built to be fast loading and... Read more

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