Helpdesk & On-Site IT Support

If something's not working, or if you're just stuck with a computer problem, our team of IT support technicians is available to provide support either remotely or in person at your workplace.

Your in-house IT department

Our helpdesk system is designed to function like your very own in-house IT department. The support helpdesk is available to all users within your organisation, and if there is a problem a friendly local technician is just a phone call or an email away.

All support requests are logged in our industry leading ticketing system. This system allows us to optimise our support by triaging and prioritising requests. We can keep your organisation running best by seeing to critical business interrupting, or management level issues above routine day to day inconveniences.

For issues that require hands on attention, or for installation or renovation projects we have a team of skilled engineers who can travel to your workplace and work on-site.