Proactive IT Support Backed by Knowledge

If IT is the beating heart beneath an organisation, Impelling is what keeps it pumping. We delight in creating bespoke solutions, helping organisations rationalise, grow and develop.

Experts in all things digital, we pride ourselves on our ability to recommend, install and support your staff with whatever digital tooling they need to get their job done. We don't stop there either, our knowledgeable staff proactively maintain your systems to keep things running quickly and securely, ensuring that your staff can rely on their IT to support them at all times.

Our core values revolve around understanding those of our clients. We then tailor solutions to match up with not only where they are now, but where they want to be years from now. This means marrying our passion for excellence with our experience in front line support, connectivity, backup, disaster recovery & business continuity, right through to full systems integration.

Get bespoke IT support

What makes us different

Above everything else, we are honest and transparent. We won’t drown you in technical jargon and we’ll always give you options. 

We've had vast experience in highly complex projects that few of our competitors could deliver. We've provided internet to whole villages giving us insight into connectivity and onsite support on a level other companies will not have seen. We've planned and implemented networks under highly controlled, mixed device environments, including a forensic testing laboratory. We've bespoke designed, built and installed interactive stations for one of the world's top tourist attractions, Tower Bridge, an exhibition frequented by thousands of people every week.