Hardware and interactive screens

Our experienced technicians are on hand to guide you through the myriad of choices you have when it comes to purchasing computer hardware for schools. Our corporate links with suppliers allow us to access favourable pricing, and our experience in the industry means we know what works well together.

Hardware procurement made easy

You could be looking to bring old classrooms up to modern standards, replace laptops for all your staff, refurbish an assembly hall, or anything in between. Whatever the goal, our expert team will work alongside you to deliver the learning environment you’re hoping to achieve.

Along with education, we have also worked extensively in the corporate sector. We have built excellent relationships with the interactive display market's industry leaders, meaning not only are we experts in their latest technology, but we can often command better bulk buy prices from hardware suppliers than our competition.

A young boy using an interactive screen in a classroom
The Studysafe app loaded onto a tablet

Software advice

We know that it's not just reliable and robust hardware you need. The software you use is also key. We can advise on the different options that suit your school, work within your budget and timescales and give you expert training to make sure you get the most out of your kit. Because we also deliver flexible IT support for schools we are perfectly positioned to provide working knowledge of how the kit will actually be used day to day by your teachers and pupils.

We have worked in schools and academies, and crucially helped schools to transition between the two which means we have great experience in helping through those often stressful times.

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