Flexible IT Support for Schools

Purchasing IT equipment and building new websites requires a level of free time and expertise that educators often don’t have. Furthermore, when school budgets are limited, the thought of making bad buying decisions can be terrifying. To combat this, our approach to pricing is to be as clear and as flexible as possible. Our support is offered in time blocks which translate into the number of hours a technician is working onsite. Time blocks can be paid for in advance, as part of a monthly contract or on a pay as you go basis. The smallest block we offer is just 30 hours, which can be spread over a year, however you see fit.

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Education IT Support Pricing

1 day per week (6 hours)

Yearly: £5,250
Monthly: £440

Half day per week (3 hours)

Yearly: £3,100
Monthly: £270

50 flexible hours yearly: £1,800

30 flexible hours yearly: £1,250

Ad-hoc hours: 

First hour: £65 

Subsequent hours: £45