Broadband & Wireless Networks

It's very rare to find a schools and academies IT provider who has a decent knowledge of high-speed broadband and wireless. Even rarer to find one that has set up its own ISP to deliver wireless internet to a whole village. It's our experience in setting up Bliss Internet, coupled with our extensive work in schools over the past 20 years that uniquely positions us to be an industry leader when it comes to education connectivity.

Our work with Bliss gave us incredible insight into what it takes to connect remote areas to the internet and has given us incredible experience in delivering ultra-reliable wireless networks. This knowledge has been invaluable for the many schools we already support, creating more effective learning environments for pupils and teachers.

With all our connections, there is no licenced hardware which means your school or academy can benefit from massive savings with no drop in quality or service.

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Studysafe Filtered Internet

Safeguarding children is something we take very seriously at Impelling. So seriously in fact that we work in very close partnership with Studysafe, having a hand in the development of their filtering product.

Studysafe is the only filtering solution designed specifically for primary schools. With budgets squeezed and time tight, we know it's not always possible to have a tech in school every day. Studysafe acknowledges this and lets school staff make filtering changes themselves, via the use of an incredibly easy to use and intuitive dashboard. Blocking or unblocking a website can be done safely in or out of school, works across multiple sites, and takes under 60 seconds.

Studysafe is available on all our connections. It's OFSTED compliant, they're members of the IWF (Internet Watch Foundation) and work closely with the police and home office to ensure the worst of the internet is always off limits not matter what.