Broadband for schools

High speed connectivity throughout the school building is becoming increasingly important as more services move to the cloud, and more resources move online. Our team has the experience and know-how to source fast and reliable broadband for schools, coupled with the latest wireless network technology.

School broadband support with a difference

It's very rare to find a schools and academies IT provider who has a decent knowledge of high-speed broadband and wireless. Even rarer to find one that has set up its own ISP to deliver wireless internet to a whole village. 

It's our experience in setting up Bliss Internet, coupled with our extensive work in schools over the past 20 years that uniquely positions us to be an industry leader when it comes to school internet services.

Our work with Bliss gave us incredible insight into what it takes to connect remote areas to the internet. It’s also given us vast experience in delivering ultra-reliable wireless networks. This knowledge has been invaluable for the many schools we already support, creating more effective learning environments for pupils and teachers.

With all our connections, there is no licenced hardware which means your school or academy can benefit from massive savings with no drop in quality or service.

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Filtered internet for schools

With it being a legal requirement and also just a sensible idea, we know all about filtering the internet in schools to block inappropriate content. We also know how much of a nightmare, and how expensive some of the leading filtering products can be. Our solution is Studysafe, a fully featured, fuss free, flexible filter for primary schools. Find out more about Studysafe internet filtering.

Why is school Wi-Fi important?

An all encompassing school Wi-Fi solution is important for the following reasons:

  1. It saves time: Gone are the days of printing learning materials, distributing them around a classroom and being organised into ring binder folders. A school Wi-Fi solution enables teachers to create, organise & distribute resources via the cloud with minimal interruption, allowing for seamless learning.
  2. It aids collaboration: Students can view, share or edit a project in a matter of seconds, both during lesson time and outside of the classroom. This instils vital teamwork skills and increases student engagement. 
  3. It’s more inclusive: One of the biggest challenges faced by teachers is tailoring their teaching style to accommodate varying learning styles within a class of students. A rock-solid Wi-Fi solution coupled with the right hardware can allow for personalised presentation & instruction. 

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At Impelling, we pride ourselves on being a school broadband provider with a difference. Having established and managed digital infrastructure in dozens of schools across South Yorkshire, we’re uniquely positioned to lend our experience to schools of all shapes and sizes. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our broadband for schools offering.

What kind of internet do schools use?

Almost all schools in the UK use either a copper or fibre optic broadband connection. Fibre optic connections are generally preferred by schools over copper due to their high speed and increased user capacity. 

In order for staff and students to connect to the broadband wirelessly, schools will use a Wi-Fi network.

What internet speed is needed for a school?

For an average secondary school, 100 Mbps is recommended. For an average primary school, 10mbps is recommended.
This recommendation is in-line with guidance from North Yorkshire City Council.

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