IT support for schools

With over 15 years' experience delivering IT support for schools, we’ve been part of the adoption of IT into education. We know how to ensure IT can be used as a tool to aid learning, and not a hindrance, and we know what it takes to keep schools running in a challenging climate where school resources need to be maximised

Comprehensive IT for education

From broadband to educational software such as interactive whiteboards, our vast experience in the sector means we’re comfortable delivering all aspects of IT for education, whether it’s for singular schools or academies spanning multiple sites.

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What makes us different?

Bespoke ICT for schools with you at the core

We have a great track record of results in enterprise level solutions and support for large commercial clients. Because of this we are well placed to tailor our service to suit schools' needs and budgets without the massive cost associated. We are constantly investing in our own technology and expertise so this gives our education division a wealth of experience and resources to draw from when needed.

Friendly, reliable and trustworthy

The Impelling education team have been providing it support in schools    across the South Yorkshire area since as far back as 2002. Over the years we've stood by our schools, providing consistent, dependable IT support during a period that's seen government policy and political factors radically change the way they are run. We know just how tough it is for schools and teachers, and we've refined and tailored our IT for schools to work in perfect harmony with a busy, often stressful school environment.

Our friendly technicians are local people with a good understanding of the various South Yorkshire LA setups. Every staff member is enhanced DBS checked and carefully vetted by Impelling to ensure they are suitable to work in the school environment. The education team also has the full support of our business and network teams, meaning highly specialised knowledge and advice is instantly available to our in-school IT technicians, allowing even the most challenging problems to be solved quickly and efficiently. 

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School IT solutions for all budgets

We’re committed to providing affordable IT solutions for schools and other learning-based institutions. Our approach to pricing is to be flexible and fair, accommodating to school budgets. We offer pre-paid, fixed or pay as you go education IT support options, alongside discounts when services are bundled together. Our business IT connections allow us to get the very best pricing from suppliers, and we pass on those discounts to our schools, resulting in great value hardware purchasing options too.

Recruitment focused on you

Our commitment to delivering the very best education IT services extends far beyond our contractual obligations. Our recruitment process for on site technicians starts with you and is geared around finding people best suited for the day to day work in a school. They are friendly, well presented and, above all, committed to helping both teachers and students to maximise their potential within education.

More important than our own credentials though are teachers on the front line of the education system. Our main priority is to ensure problems get sorted quickly, and are handled by someone staff feel comfortable talking to. With this in mind, we recruit friendly faces who will become an extension of your own team.

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