Encouraging learning with the help of technology, Impelling Education combines our knowledge of the business IT sector with a skilled and friendly team who have years of experience supporting schools across South Yorkshire.

IT Services for Schools from Impelling

Purchasing IT equipment and building new websites requires a level of free time and expertise that educators often don’t have. Furthermore, when school budgets are limited, the thought of making bad buying decisions can be terrifying.

Our friendly, knowledgeable technicians are well-versed in the way schools operate and will work to your timescales. Our years of experience in the industry have allowed us to build strong relationships with a number of suppliers. That means we are able to pass on the very best prices and discounts on any kind of ICT or audio visual equipment.

Flexible IT Support for Schools

  • Over 15 years experience providing IT support to schools in South Yorkshire.
  • Pre-paid, fixed or pay as you go options.
  • Friendly, knowledgeable technicians.
  • We supply interactive touch screens and any other hardware.
  • Diverse set of skills in house to cater for any problem.
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Broadband & Wireless Networks

  • High speed broadband connections.
  • We specialise in connecting remote locations to the internet.
  • Website filtering available on all of our connections.
  • Ultra reliable wireless networks throughout schools and grounds.
  • No licensed hardware allowing for big savings over other educational offerings.
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Websites for

  • Our industry experience allows us to build high quality websites for low prices.
  • Pick and choose from a list of features.
  • Easy to use websites for staff, parents and children alike.
  • Full control over your website content.
  • Take online payments, list school letters/exam dates, events and much much more.
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Flexible IT Support

With pre-paid, fixed or pay as your go options, we offer friendly and dependable IT support at fantastic value. With over 15 years experience helping schools in South Yorkshire, our technical team can troubleshoot and maintain all of your IT equipment. Our technicians specialise in all areas of IT meaning we're able to offer great solutions to any IT problem, from simple printer issues to the supply and fitting of interactive screens.

Equipment and screens

Interactive screens are becoming a must have for classrooms and we're able to offer a number of options to bring screens into your classrooms without breaking the budget. We can also supply any kind of ICT or audio visual equipment at fantastic prices, our years of experience in the industry have allowed us to build strong relationships with a number of suppliers, allowing us to pass on the very best low prices and discounts.


We aim to be as flexible as possible when it comes to pricing, allowing us to provide a level of support to suit all budgets. Our support is offered in time blocks which translate into the number of hours a technician is working on site. Time blocks can be paid for in advance, as part of a monthly contract or on a pay as you go basis. The smallest block we offer is just 30 hours, which can be spread over a year, however you see fit. To provide a better idea of what your school can expect to pay we've included some typical time examples below. For a quote specific to your school please get in touch.

Time Cost
1 day per week (6 hours) Yearly: £4550
Monthy: £380
Half day per week (3 hours) Yearly: £2640
Monthy: £220
50 flexible hours Yearly: £1600
30 flexible hours Yearly: £1080
Ad-hoc hours First hour: £60
Subsequent hours: £40

Broadband & Wireless Networks

Broadband Connectivity

Our sister company Bliss Internet provides us with the infrastructure, the technical know-how and staff to provide high speed broadband connections. Bliss Internet is a wireless internet provider, meaning we beam the internet wirelessly straight into your buildings. Often this allows for a substantial saving over a similarly performing leased line option.

Wireless Networks

We're able to provide a complete wireless network service, from planning for best coverage, the supply and fitting of equipment, to the support and management of a wireless network, it's all handled in house by our team of experts.

For the most seamless and uninterrupted learning experience possible we use super reliable Ubiquiti equipment. The top of the range access points allow us to cover very large areas and offer consistent performance wherever you connect from. All the equipment we use carries no licenses and the controller software can run on an existing server allowing for considerable monthly savings over licensed alternatives. For more information or for a detailed quotation please get in touch.

Internet Filtering

Our filtering technology runs in the background blocking bad websites, allowing staff to teach without worry. The easily configurable system lets you set up blocking rules around categories (e.g adult sites, gambling, chat groups), the system then checks each request against daily updated blacklists as well as analysing the content contained within the page. If a page is then deemed bad, the system it will block it. Allowing websites through is very simple and staff can have their own logins to the system to allow them to temporarily unblock sites if required.

Websites for Schools

Stand Out From The Crowd

Bring your school up to date with a brand new website. All of our websites are professionally designed and do a great job creating a fantastic first impression. Our designers ensure that every website we build looks great on any sized screen and make them as easy as possible to use for staff, parents and children alike.

Built Around Your Requirements

Pick and choose from a list of features and we'll build a website that works for your school. Our technical team have an answer for any problem, allowing us to build almost anything into a website. List term dates and important exam dates, list letters for parents to view at home or even take payments and get parent permission for trip and activities through the website. Anything is possible, and our super easy administration system makes it a breeze for anyone to accomplish regardless of their technical level.

Excellent Value for Money

Our years of experience providing websites to industry have allowed us to develop an extremely efficient workflow, meaning we're able to offer a lots of functionality for small price tags. We also aim to be flexible when it comes to your budget with payments spread across a number of months as an option.


Pricing for each website will vary depending on the features chosen, but for every website we build we offer a monthly scheme of payment that covers all of the design and devleopment work, as well as hosting and backups. With two or three year plans available prices start from just £60 per month. For more information or for a personalised quote, please get in touch.

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To enable us to cater for as many users as possible our website is built using modern techniques. We've done our best to make the site as usable as we can across all devices, but for the best experience we highly recommend updating your browser if you can.

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