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Forensic Testing Services (FTS) carry out drug, alcohol and DNA testing in their own labs, and as a result of the nature of this work, the data they hold is incredibly sensitive and held to the most stringent of standards. This applies to sharing data internally within the business, with some data so sensitive it could only be seen by specific people, as well as security from outside their networks. This makes simple office shared drives a challenge, and whilst FTS had a solution in place that allowed them to adhere to these standards, it made use of Dropbox and a single flat network. We found users were logging in with various different credentials on each computer meaning a lot of time was lost in remembering or resetting passwords. Along with this printing and scanning was carried out on a local basis without any means of centralising, and offsite access to company network was non-existent so no one could work from home with access to resources they required.

Impelling were asked to facilitate a solution that could address all these limitations, reduce the friction between day to day file shares and provide staff the ability to work from home, all whilst still meeting the rigorous data standards they're required to follow.

Key Components

Onsite Active Directory
Azure cloud AD syncronisation
Automated deployment and provisioning of new machines
Remote VPN access
Shared folders with advanced access restrictions
Ongoing IT Support

The Solution

Impelling introduced a unified Active Directory domain controlling all aspects of signing in, printer deployment, mapped drives and VPN (offsite access). Going further, we tied in the onsite premises with the cloud domain thus unifying single sign on with emails and reflecting data in the cloud.

We implemented a highly complex permission based system. This same system was reflected in the cloud (Azure) so it mirrored the segregation. We set up five different networks onsite for access based segregation.

We built their servers from scratch onsite, a highly virtualised system on two separate hosts that mirror each other with offsite backup and replication factored in.

Alongside this, we set up a sophisticated VPN system that allowed remote workers to connect into the office and retain the correct level of access. We also introduced single sign on for mail, offline synchronisation, and gave staff the ability to roam between PC's, a capability they previously didn't have.

At every stage the system was designed with future expansion in mind. FTS now have the ability to add and provision new users in a simple process, and have a resilient network architecture that can be replicated across new sites as the company grows.