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Bawtry Mayflower Primary School approached Impelling in a difficult situation. Their existing website, sold to them on a subscription pay yearly basis was up for renewal. Unable to justify paying the existing supplier for another year meant that Bawtry faced having their existing website turned off completely, leaving a very short amount of time to organise, plan, build and launch a new one.

In tandem with the move away from the existing supplier Bawtry saw an opportunity to update and modernise the schools' branding, and asked us to redesign the school logo, and provide formats suitable for stationery, signage and school uniforms. Bawtry were also keen to get pupils engaged through the website with our kids zone feature, and wanted to reorganise all their online content to make information easier to find for parents.

Key components

"Kids Zone" Pupil blogging area

Site search

Logo redesign

School events calendar

Private governors' area

Parent pay integration

The solution

At the beginning of the project, time constraints were the main concern for the staff at Bawtry. They needed a website in a matter of weeks and failure to have one online put that at risk of breaching Ofsted guidelines. To address this issue, we worked with Bawtry to devise a flexible approach to delivering the website. A basic skeletal website was put together that contained the very minimum in terms of information and contact details. As new areas became ready they were added and it didn't take long before, even in its unfinished state, the site was already outperforming the previous one.

This staged approach to delivery also gave us a chance to think about how all of the content on the website is organised, and which order menu items should be in, which pages link to other pages etc. Again, working closely with the staff at Bawtry we devised a structure for the website content, and included a search that ensured parents visiting the site could find the right information as easily as possible.

Once the initial website was launched, we could turn our hand to the design work, re-designing the school logo, taking the existing logo as a base, and modernising it slightly without allowing it to lose its original character. The kids zone for the website was designed around a nautical theme to match the schools' seafaring namesake. 

The end result is a beautiful website, that's clear, concise and easy to navigate around. The kids zone is an engaging, inspiring, and downright cool place for young people to be, featuring an animated ship and waves as a backdrop to a showcase of school work and pupil activities.

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